5.6.2 Mal for arbeidsavtale, særlig uavhenging stilling, engelsk utgave


Kap 5. Internasjonal avdeling

Mal 5.6.2

Arbeidsavtale for uavhengig stilling, engelsk utgave

For employees in special independent positions.

Date of Birth:
Employed for service in: (country)
Size of Position: _____ %
Immediate Superior:
During preparation period: Director of Normisjon’s International Department.
In the field in ______________ (country): Local Director

Date of commencement of the employment:
Date of departure for the working field: 

Duration of Employment Contract

The Employment Contract is valid for the following period: 

1. Salary
Wage group ______ in Normisjon’s collective pay agreement.
Estimated seniority per 01.01/01.07 are____years.
Salary Step_______ in NOK _________       Salaries are paid to the employee’s account on the 20th of each month.Salaries are paid in NOK. To cover taxes and housing, 31% is deducted, whereof 20% for taxes and housing and 11% for social security. The salary is index-linked and will be adjusted according to the at-all-times applicable Country Index. Wages paid prior to departure will not be index-linked. Alternative: Employees who spend more that 72 days a year in Norway, pay taxes to Norway.  Rent for housing, NOK 1500,- per month per house in the field will be deducted from the salary. The rent will be deducted 12 months per year.

2. Basic views and values
Normisjon’s Employees are appointed on the basis and with the aim of conducting their duties according to the purpose expressly stated in the Laws of Normisjon. The Employee is committed to working, representing Normisjon and conducting himself in ways compatible with Normisjon’s worldview, Core Values and purpose, as specified in Normisjon’s Statement of Values. The relationship between the employee and Normisjon is at all times regulated by the currently valid agreements and regulations. 

3. Working hours
Working hours are 37, 5 hours a week (lunch break included). Employees in particular independent positions are exempt from the normal working hours agreement prescribed in the Working Environment Act. See Wage Agreement, section 2.2.1.

4. Pension/Insurance
A 2% insurance premium to the Pension Scheme is deducted from the salary.The Employee is a member of Normisjon’s Group Life Insurance, Collective Occupational Injury, Accident and Travel Insurance Schemes. 

5. National Insurance Scheme (Folketrygden)
The employee is required to ensure that his/her membership in the National Insurance Scheme is valid and is also required to keep his employer informed about the validity of his/her membership. ____________________________________ (name) is granted membership in the National Insurance Scheme Abroad (NAV Utland) as from _______ (date). 

6. Home journey
Normisjon will cover travel expenses for home journey every two years and when the service abroad is ended. 

7. Termination of Contract
If an employee leaves the service before the Employment Contract has expired, he/she must pay back Normisjon’s expenses related to education / preparation for service and travel expenses (to the field), in proportion to the remaining duration of the Employment Contract.Waiver of repayment may be granted in cases which are justified by a medical certificate, or for other reasons accepted by Normisjon’s Board (Landsstyret), see our Quality system section D-5.14.1 

8. Trial Period
For permanent and temporary employment there is a trial period of six months from the date of entering upon the position.During the trial period the employment is terminable giving 14 days’ notice. If an employee is absent from work during the trial period, the employer may, pursuant to the Working Environment Act § 15, extend the agreed trial period by a period corresponding to the period of absence. Information about the prolongation must be given in writing. 

9. Term of Notice
An Employment Contract is terminable by either side giving three months’ notice, running from and including the first day of the month following that in which notice is given. The notice must be given in writing by both parties. 

10. Job description amendments. Transfer to other work
The employee’s tasks and duties are fixed in the Job Description. Following consultations with the employee, the employer may make amendments in the employee’s Job Description to do other tasks from time to time than those mentioned in the Job Description. The employer may for economic reasons, rationalizations or strategic restructuring, move an employee between assignments and work locations within the organization.

11. Confidentiality
Any employee of Normisjon is required to preserve the confidentiality of all if any information that has been brought to his or her attention, whether it be of a private nature or concerning operational and business secrets or any other information that is not public knowledge. An employee may not use such information for personal gain. Information to the media concerning internal matters shall only be provided by the Management. 

12. Holidays/time off
Normisjon’s employees have 5 weeks’ holiday per year. Employees in special independent positions are given an extra week off as compensation for irregular working hours, see Wage Agreement section 2.2.3.At least four of these weeks should be taken without interruption. The holiday period must each year be fixed in agreement with the Director in the field.Matters of holiday are regulated by “Ferieloven”. 

13. Errors in Salary Payment.
The Employee is required to ensure that the salary received is correct. All if any incorrect salary payments must be reported to the employer without delay.If the employee has received too little, the employer must pay an additional payment.If the employee has received too much, the employer has the right to withdraw the amount from his wage and holiday money, see. aml. § 14-15 nr. 2c). A written agreement is required before the withdrawal is executed. 

14. Health
.The employee is not aware of any illness or injury that makes him/her unable to perform the duties associated with the post. 

15. Employees are required to familiarize themselves with the following documents:
Normisjon’s Value Document, Guidelines concerning Sexual Offences, Guidelines for Employees’ use of IT services, Normisjon and NOR-MAF’s Agreement on Principles concerning solidarity as to wages and working conditions within the organization, see Collective Pay Agreement part 2 and 3, Personnel Handbook for Missionaries.

The Employment Letter has been handed over and constitutes part of this agreement. 

I have read and am acquainted with the above mentioned requirements, and I am committed to conducting my work in accordance with these. I have not withheld any information that is of significance to the  eployment.

Place, date, signature  __________________

of Head of the Department _________________________________________

Place, date, signature __________________

of Employee  ___________________________________________________

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